Do you ship to the UK?

We do! However, due to the UK's current import rules we've had to put a limit of 135GBP (around $200USD) in place. Any orders under 135GBP now require us to collect VAT at the time of sale and remit it to the UK government periodically, which requires more set up, registration and logistics. As of now, we're not yet set up for that so have restricted orders to only those that are over $200 USD, or around 135GBP (these are still subject to old rules with customs/VAT due upon delivery) so that nothing gets blocked at customs. So sorry for the inconvenience! If you have more than that in your cart you should see shipping to the UK show up as an option in the checkout. Please note we also have free shipping over $300 USD for international orders as well. If the order minimum is too high, going in on an order together with friends or family can be a great solution!

Aug 9, 2023

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